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Welcome to the HSC hub

Year 12 COVID-19 test results will be prioritised by NSW Health.

Year 12 students – when you get a COVID-19 test please make sure you tell your GP or testing clinic that you are
currently doing your HSC. This will ensure that your test results are prioritised to help minimise disruption to your schooling and study. NSW Health is reassuring HSC students who have flu-like symptoms to get tested as results will be fast-tracked to facilitate your return to school. You will need to show a negative test result and be symptoms free before you can return to school.

The HSC hub contains high-quality, on-demand resources that teachers can provide to their students to help them prepare for their exams.

Aligned to NSW syllabuses, the hub is a carefully curated central repository for items created by the NSW Department of Education, including Aurora College and WooTube. There is also third party material available.  

Find video lessons and other resources for your HSC subjects. Select a learning area to browse or use the search bar to drill down to specific material.

New material is being added regularly from both the department and external providers to make sure that you have the support you need this year.

Students should follow the advice of their teachers when choosing material.​

Recently added

Communication framework

Available now

This resource will revise some of the content related to communication systems

Information Processes and Technology
communication systems
NSW Department of Education

Staying focused on Module C-Part 1 and Part 2

Available now

Reviewing the key ideas in relation to sample examination questions.

Year 12 English Standard
The craft of writing
NSW Department of Education

HSC Support - Nature of Proof

Available now

This HSC support package contains examination questions, solutions and curated resources.

Year 12 Mathematics Extension 2
MEX-P1 - The nature of proof
NSW Department of Education

Nuclear transmutation

Available now

This workshop from the Perimeter Institute introduces ways of visualising energy that can support deeper student understanding.

Year 12 Physics
Energy transformations
Perimeter Institute in collaboration with NSW DoE

Legal studies- success in the written examination

Available now

30min presentation with tips for studying and completing the written examination.

Legal studies HSC course
written exam
NSW Department of Education

CAFS Toolkit to boost success in the HSC examination

Available now

Strategies and resources that students can use to support their own success in CAFS examinations

Community and Family Studies HSC course
NSW Department of Education

Continuers courses

Available now

An instructional video with advice to students on how to approach HSC oral and written examinations

NSW Department of Education


Available now

Music 2 elective musicology and music extension musicology components.

Music HSC course
NSW Department of Education

Kitchen operations and cookery (stream) – Hospitality

Available now

Kitchen operations and cookery (stream) – Hospitality

Materials for stream focus area Kitchen Operations and Cookery and the associated units

NSW Department of Education
Kitchen Operations and Cookery