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TASSoftware Design and Development HSC

HSC Software Design and Development

Breaking down the HSC exam question

This resource provides an introductory guide to beginning students as well as revision for those wishing to consolidate their understanding of the key concepts in the programming aspects of the Software Design and Development course.

These five videos provides an overview of key programming concepts within the Software Design and Development course.

Each video includes opportunities to pause and respond to questions and suggestions for further class activities.

Video 1: Control Structures and Data Structures Overview

Duration – 8:48 min

Video 2: Control Structures Revision: Sequence, Selection and Iteration

Duration – 14:30 min

Video 3: Data Structures Revision: Data types, Variables

Duration – 15:33 min

Video 4: Data Structures continued: Arrays and Records

Duration – 17:16 min

Video 5: Bringing these two concepts together to investigate a HSC question

Duration – 15:53 min

Video 5 is accompanied with a sample solution word document to be issued at 9:17 min, which includes line numbers for reference and discussion.

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