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Contemporary nutrition issues

A review of contemporary nutrition issues and guide to answering HSC related questions

An in-class presentation for students (with teacher present) to look at one of the areas identified in HSC marker feedback as an area for improvement. The presentation will revise some of the content related to nutrition issues and demonstrate how to relate this to HSC questions to achieve better results. The presenter will also briefly review the use of terminology in the syllabus and how the correct use will lead to better demonstration of understanding. Teachers will have access to sample questions with answers.

To further support your learning and teaching access the following support documents

contemporary nutrition issues transcript (DOCX 84KB)

contemporary nutrition issues content summary (DOCX 115KB)

contemporary nutrition issues glossary (DOCX 84KB)

contemporary nutrition issues activities (DOCX 74KB)

contemporary nutrition issues resource list (DOCX 73KB)

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