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Joining the dots-Preparing for the HSC examination

52 min video presentation with tips for studying and completing the written examination.

Joining the dots- preparing for the HSC visual arts written examination is a video presentation designed to show students how to connect different elements of the syllabus content, so that they are well prepared for the written examination, and can reveal to HSC examiners the extent of their knowledge and understanding of the visual arts. It might be viewed as a whole or in short segments using the timing guide below.

Introduction and overview of areas of content 0.00 - 2.45

Revising our understanding of Practice 2.45 -20.35

The conceptual Framework- 20.35- 36.00

The Frames- 36-48.25

The examination 48.25- 52.06

To support your student's understanding access the joining the dots -preparing for the HSC examination transcript (DOCX 97KB)

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